«Тәуелсіздік -тірегім, Қазақстан- жүрегім»

The teachers and students of Kostanay Industrial Pedagogical College have a goal that is “the development of a multicultural personality capable of professional self-determination, who knows the history and traditions of his people, speaks several languages, is able to carry out communicative and activity operations in three languages in all situations, striving for self-development”. To achieve this goal, various events are held annually at our college. For the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, teachers Kalimova K., Zharkova V. held an intellectual game “Tauelsizdik-tiregim, Kazakhstan-zhuregim”. The goal of the game is to form a sense of respect for the state language in the course of strengthening friendship and unity between representatives of nationalities living in an independent country, explaining that the Motherland needs knowledgeable people to love the Motherland, protect its wealth, and develop our Homeland in the future.

This event was distinguished by the fact that our guests were students of schools: “Secondary School No. 23 named after M. Kozybayev “, “Gymnasium School No. 18”, “Secondary School No. 16”. Students of the school performed tasks with interest and answered questions in three languages. They were able to prove their knowledge, and also received information about the college. As a result, Gymnasium No. 16 was on the first place , M. Kozybayev Secondary School No. 23 was on the second place and Secondary School No. 18 was on the third place.

Well done, guys keep it up!

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