«Қош келдің Наурыз!»

Nauryz is a great holiday.This is a New year, which is celebrated in many countries of the East.The word “Nauryz “is translated from Persian as”the beginning of a new year”. The 22nd of March compared day and night, begins, as say scientists, space spring, a new life.

     This is the beginning of the new year. People say: “as the new year will meet, and the year will pass” in Nauryz people went out, congratulated each other and wished the best wishes, forgave grievances and quarrels: went to visit each other. Nauryz is a single Shanyrak of all peoples living in Kazakhstan. This holiday became the holiday uniting and calling for friendship and mutual understanding of all people. On this occasion, the College held various events at a high level:

– «Наурыз-ұлыстың ұлы күні»- an exhibition of books;

– Presidential all-round among students of all courses dedicated to the Nauryz holiday;

– «Нұр себеле, Ұлыстың ұлы күні»- staging the play;

– «Наурыз мейрамы-мыңжылдық мереке» fair;

– «Қош келдің Наурыз!» – festive event

– «Ата дәстүрі – асыл қазына» – competition in national games.

College students took an active part in all activities of the College. The purpose of the organizers: the celebration of the great holiday of the Kazakh people, the education of students a sense of patriotism. For the purpose of education at pupils of sense of patriotism, love to the Motherland, respect for national traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, inculcation of love to the native language, to traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, education of love to the native language, to the native land, to the native land, to the native land. It was transformed, updated all the existence and demonstrated the Kazakh traditions and customs.

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