175 years to the great Abay.

The College held a holiday dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Abay.

The event was held in the form of an oral journal:

– first page: “Abay’s Autobiography»;

– second page: “Abay-poet»;

– third page: “Abay-translator»;

– fourth page: “Abay-composer »;

– fifth page: “Abay the philosopher”.

   Music and poetry are perhaps the most valuable pearls of human culture and the event was read by Abay Kunanbaev’s beautiful poems.

  The works “words of edification” were written by Abay in old age. In it, he reflects on the meaning of life, gives advice to young people, exposes human vices, and promotes highly moral qualities of a person. “Words of edification” they are written in simple, affordable and fun some of them sounded to the event.

    Abay was a talented and original composer, and composed many songs. He created about two dozen melodies that are popular today. The song “Kozimnin karasy” was performed by a student.

    Not only did the lyrics of Pushkin and Lermontov excite Abay, but the satire of the Russian fabulist Krylov found an enthusiastic response in the poet’s soul. Krylov’s fables in Abay’s translation were told throughout the Kazakh steppe, and College students were presented as a scene. As well as Abay’s works “Mountain peaks” are performed in three languages.

  The event was rich, interesting, instructive, and the goals were achieved.

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