Technological week

On November 24, the week of the CCP of technological disciplines started in the college. In a solemn ceremony marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the specialty “Vocational education” with specialization in “Technology and organization of food production”. At the anniversary celebration are veterans of pedagogical work, the people who have made and are making an invaluable contribution to the development and prosperity of this specialty. People with a capital letter, with tremendous life experience, they turn to for support, help, advice and always get a response. People are full of optimism and enthusiasm of the student, pedagogically taught a generation of students to be human, to love their profession, passed on their knowledge and experience. The people who founded the Foundation of the profession in 1977, he.
Excellent, ProfTehResource Anatoly Tskhai E., who oversaw original new specialty in those years as the Deputy Director on educational work, excellence in vocational education KAZ.SSR”. Irina PavlovnaDeeva worked as the head of the Department from 1986 to 2011. All these years, she gave all of myself to the education of young professionals, awarded the medal of the College “Honor and dignity”, in close cooperation, hand in hand, for many years I worked with them a team of teachers and masters p/o Lobareva Valentina Filippovna, Murav’evatat’yanaEvgen’evna, Qaeda Svetlana PavlovnaKuprina Galina, verkholantseva Lidia, Zolotovskii Valentina. To the veterans of pedagogical work of the students said very many kind and warm words, happy guys congratulated veterans with the anniversary and giving them music and dance numbers. Scrolling through the log “On waves of our memory” going from page to page veteransand how it all began, the students learned the history of the founding of the specialty of people who wrote this story, open this page presents the teachers which are College graduates and continue the pedagogical work of their mentors.
Friendly atmosphere of the event, mutual respect of teachers of different generations with warm memories help students to learn more about the history of the institution, system, their teachers, expand professional horizons, by example teach them to honor the past, navigate in the profession.

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