A meeting was held on the topic: “Religion and education»

A meeting was held on the topic: “Religion and education»

On 14.02.20, members of the “information and propaganda group” held a meeting on the topic “Religion and education”at the Kostanay industrial and pedagogical College.

         The main task is to form the right consciousness in young people and put the future of our country on the right path.

In this regard, the “Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan”, a member of the “Republican information and explanatory group”, the teacher of The aziret Sultan mosque Dinmukhammad Smanov and the Imam of the Kostanay regional mosque Beisekeyev Abzal Sultangalievich were invited.

In order to form a conscious understanding of the behavior of young people, the meeting was held in the format of a free discussion of the problem raised.

                   At the end of the meeting, young people asked their questions and received answers from specialists.

Kostanay industrial and pedagogical College

teacher of special disciplines

Samenova Asem Kulushpaevna

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