Director of the college – Daumova Batima Beksultanovna

Manages, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of the organization of education, educational, methodological, scientific-methodical, administrative and economic and financial-economic activities. Approves working curricula and programs, schedules of educational processes, internal regulations. Approves the structure of management, staffing, job descriptions of employees of the organization of education. Forms a contingent of students, ensures their social protection.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs – Statsenko Natalya Nikolaevna

Organizes the activity of the organization of education in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the organization of education and other normative legal acts. Carries out the organization of educational process, development of plans on the organization of educational work. Organizes the current and strategic planning of the organization of education, coordinates the work of teachers in the implementation of curricula, educational, model curricula, and organizes the development of the necessary educational and methodological documentation to ensure the quality of the learning process, provides new approaches to its organization. It monitors the quality of the educational process, the implementation of the curriculum and programs.

Deputy director for educational work – Mozheiko Alexander Vladimirovich

Carries out the organization of educational process in the organizations of formation. Provides the development of plans and activities for the organization of educational work, the current and strategic planning of career guidance, oversees their implementation. Coordinates the activities of a social pedagogue, a psychologist, team leaders, educators, librarians, masters of industrial training and teachers on the educational process. Conducts an analysis of educational work.

Deputy Director for Training and Industrial Work  – Baimagambetov Amir Muratovich

Carries out the organization and coordination of activity of pedagogical collective of the organization of formation on vocational training. It organizes vocational training, retraining and improvement of professional skill of experts of technical, serving and administrative work. Organizes the study of modern technology and production technology, the creation of new and re-equipment of existing classrooms, workshops, laboratories. Coordinates work with social partners. Develops agreements with social partners and is responsible for their implementation.

Deputy Director for Information Technologies – Sayenko Irina Sergeevna

Organizes the implementation of the process of informatization of the organization of education, its provision of resources, the use of information and communication technologies in educational and management activities. Introduces and uses information and communication technologies in the learning process. Organizes training of pedagogical and management personnel on the use of information technology. Organizes work to ensure, preserve and replenish the educational and material base, maintenance, repair and its accounting.

Deputy Director for Academic and Methodological Work

Supervises the teaching and methodical work of the college. Organizes and plans educational and methodological work of the college. Coordinates questions on the development of methodological recommendations, on the organization of the work of subject (cycle) methodological commissions for the preparation of reporting documentation on the educational and methodological work of the college. It assists pedagogical workers in the development of author programs, textbooks, educational and methodical literature, organizes work with the methodical cabinet of the regional education department, publishers for the preparation of collections, recommendations and other publications on educational and methodological work. It ensures the improvement of educational and upbringing processes, the development and introduction of new teaching technologies, organizes work to improve the skills and attestation of pedagogical workers.

Deputy director for economic work – Dandybaev Olzhabay Zhanuzakovich

Manages the economic activities of the college Provides the college with material values: property, furniture, inventory. Provides employees with household items. Ensures the timely preparation of the college by the beginning of the school year. It takes measures to expand the economic independence of the college, timely conclusion of the necessary contracts. Provides training rooms, workshops, household, household and other facilities with equipment and equipment that meet the requirements of rules and standards of safety of life, labor safety standards.

Head of the department

Mkrtchan Narine Seyranovna – technical and pedagogical department

Latypova Zuhra Saitgarevna – social and technological department

Nugmanova Meiramkul Kozhabergenov –
vocational and technical Department and correspondence department

Carries out the organization and direct management of educational and educational work at the department. Ensures the implementation of curricula and programs. Organizes preparation of materials for scheduling training sessions and monitors their implementation. Provides and controls the quality of teaching of the academic disciplines. Provides preparation of materials for consideration at the pedagogical (methodological) council. Participates in the conduct of career guidance work, takes measures to preserve the contingent of students. Organizes work on the preparation for the new academic year, the beginning of the semester, the examination session. Ensures timely reporting by teachers, maintenance of documentation in accordance with applicable standards. It ensures the development and strengthening of the educational and material base, the safety of equipment and implements, the observance of sanitary and hygienic requirements, the rules of labor protection.

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