«Afghanistan hurts in my soul»

January 29, 2019 in the auditorium of Kostanay industrial pedagogical College was held an evening-a memory of “Afghanistan hurts in my soul”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

The event was prepared by the librarians of the industrial-pedagogical College, in collaboration with librarians of the municipal library, a branch of the “Дорожный”.

Tonight was the invited guests – veterans of combat operations in Afghanistan : Segizbaev Salmaganbet Kuzhagulovich, Umurzakov Umarbek Dauletkereivich, Litvinov Eduard Vladimirovich, mother of veteran Bondarenko Valeriy Vladimirovich –Vera Alexandrovna.

The hosts of the event gave a brief historical background about the fighting in Afghanistan, told about the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers.                

During the event, participants were shown videos reflecting the facts and events of the war in Afghanistan. In memory of this human war for a long time to live, because its history is written in the blood of soldiers and tears of mothers, obelisks with tin stars and burst into the front wind in our lives songs. 

At the evening there were poems, Afghan songs, dance numbers were performed. Presenters read out the letters of dead soldiers. The memory of those who died in the Afghan war was honored with a minute of silence.

With great interest the students listened to the stories of soldiers-internationalists. Today, they are the keepers of the memory of the war, about exploits, about glory, about the dead comrades. No matter what, they honestly performed their civic duty, remaining faithful to the oath to the end.  Now, by example, educate and teach young people loyalty to duty and love for their country. At the end of the evening, students gave flowers to soldiers-internationalists.

Such meetings instill in students a sense of patriotism, love for the Motherland, respect for the past, fraternal attitude to other Nations.

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