Ball of the best students of Kostanay industrial and pedagogical College.

On December 25, Kostanay industrial College hosted a gala ball for the best students of the College.

The theme of “Retro style” was taken as a basis. The solemn event was held in the best traditions of the 60s, plunged Into the magic of colorful dances and incendiary music, charming couples in colorful outfits, personified all the unique beauty of the ball.

The Grand opening ball was started from the words of the Director of the College Daumova Batima Beksultanovna. Then, as expected, the ball began with a waltz, which smoothly turned into rock and roll. Even the audience wanted to dance to the sounds of stylistic music.

Then the ball turned into a competition event where the hosts announced the jury, the competition event began with retro dancing students came up with their own image, selected music, came up with hairstyles. After the New year’s season of the show “exactly” was opened in which the students showed their vocal skills, as the performance was “live”, as the participants were given the task to prepare new year’s boutonnieres and posters that were decorated with the hall.

“Students were able to plunge into the era of the 60s, to feel all the hassle in preparing for the event. Participants learned a lot of new things from the era of this time, and they themselves became heroes of such distant times. Of course, it was not without excitement and emotions, because for most it was the first ball.

In a riot of colors and luxury, the jury had to choose 10 nominations, such as:

 Best men’s retro suit

Best women’s retro costume

The best retro dance



Live sound

The best boutonnieres

Best poster

The best couple at the new year’s ball

The most important nomination was the Grand Prix, which took the group of the first year of PhCS-19, it is worth noting that this group took part in all competitive tasks! the ball ended with a festive disco!

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