The city tournament on street bolu among colleges for girls born in 1998-2000 was held from 12 to 13 November 2018. in Kostanay college bytservice, which was attended by 9 teams. Two teams of the Industrial Pedagogical College and the team of the Medical College reached the final. Girls played in a circular system. As a result, the places were distributed as follows – 1st place – KIPK-1 girls’ team, 2nd place – KMK and 3rd place – KIPK-2. Beseda Tatyana (FC-16) was recognized as the best offensive defender, Guseva Alina (FC-2-17), the best pivot, both girls from the KIPK-1 team. Vronskaya Daria (PR-16) from the KIPK-2 team was recognized as the best attacker. All girls and coach

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