Class hour on the theme: “Integrity and honesty.”

October 15, 2019 Kostanay industrial and pedagogical College between students was held a single class hour on the theme: “Integrity and honesty.”

The purpose of this event is: to educate students the desire for honesty, to focus on integrity, to develop students ‘ desire to understand themselves, their actions and behavior; to form moral qualities of personality, responsibility and decency that should serve as a positive step for students to new ideas, new views on life.

With the address to students the teacher –psychologist Mahanbetova Aigerim Aitbayevna who carried out between students trainings made: “Threads of good”, “Favorable exchange”, “training on trust”, during training students shared on two groups and gave definitions to: “good is…”, «the kind person is like….”.

Students in the course of this event participated actively, took the initiative, were open and felt liberated.

At the end of the event, a reflection was held, where students gave assessments of such qualities as integrity and honesty shared their opinions, students were noted by the desire to act on the principle of morality “to do good and be honest»

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