College Basketball Cup

From November 23 to 25, basketball competitions were held in the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College. 8 women’s and 10 men’s teams took part in them. A total of about 120 students participated.Competitions were held in the gymnasium of the school. And the young men and girls have a real character showed newcomers – first-year students.Among the girls in a bitter struggle, with a score of 31:27, the victory was won by the team of FC-2-17, who beat the girls of the FK-16 group, who took the second place. The third place was occupied by the groups PR-16 and SVPO-16.A more intense struggle unfolded in the competitions among the young men. Here the prizes were distributed as follows: the first place was the group FC-1-17, the second place – the group FC-15, the third place – the groups FC-2-17 and MAHPO1-17.Apparently there was support from fans among the students and the curators of the groups.Under the leadership of the Chief Judge Kozhevnikov A.V. and Chief Secretary Nabirkina T. competitions were held at a high level.Competitions were conducted with the purpose of popularization and development of basketball among college students, for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as for the purpose of identifying the strongest athletes for the formation of a college team.

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