Dedication to students

Dedication to students is an important and exciting moment in the life of a freshman, full of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. This is one of the most striking traditions in educational institutions.
Since October 23, 2017, freshmen became full members of a large and united family, a part of a single whole – they became students of the Kostanay Industrial Pedagogical College. Now they have a hard way to go. And the complexity of this path lies in the ability to harmoniously join the team, to find friends, and in responsible serious studies. Dedication of first-year students is the first step towards uniting students, because at this holiday the children have time not only to get to know each other, but also to show their talents.
On this day students, teachers and guests gathered in the assembly hall of the college to participate in the festive concert “Dedication of freshmen to students”.
On the big stage were performed the best numbers. At the center of the event are freshmen, new faces, new talents of our college. It turned out that among the students not only future technologists are programmers, but also beautiful dancers. The number was performed in a single musical theme, beautifully, emotionally and with a good mood.
A good atmosphere was created by the public, supporting the speakers. After all, each of the audience remembered what it means to perform on stage for the first time!
All the students and teachers approached the organization of dedication responsibly, were able to qualitatively prepare, conducting numerous rehearsals, that’s why it passed on “URA”.
Impressions of students, teachers and guests of the event were the warmest and most joyful. We can say that this is a good start for a new, adult life.

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