Dedication to the specialty “Land Management”

Studentship is perhaps the most carefree and happy time in the life of any person. Nightfestivities until the morning, sleepless nights before the exam, and other moments are directly related to students .Besides it is this time when the student begins to grow up and takes responsibility for his actions.
In the current academic year, dedication in the specialty “Land Management” for freshmen has been held on October 22 in the assembly hall of Kostanay industrial-pedagogical college, where the students of the department demonstrated the level of artistic creativity. Every year the imagination of students in this specialty only grows, and freshmen are given to go through many tests, carefully planned by older students. Dedication in the specialty is carried out in several stages. This is an unofficial dedication and gala concert. Original and various concert numbers replaced each other under the words of the hosts. The audience applause greeted and escorted each speaker, and there were a lot of them  that day. Performances surprised by a variety of genres. The group ZU-18 brilliantly demonstrated its dance number. Guests of the event also created a good atmosphere, supporting the speakers. After all, each of the spectators remembered what it means to enter the stage for the first time!
The culmination moment of the holiday was the neon show from the group ZU-17. Also, second-year students prepared videos where first-year students and guests of the event were told about the importance of the bottom specialty. Students of the ZU-17 group approached the organization of dedication in the specialty responsibly, were able to prepare well, conducting numerous rehearsals, that  is why this event was held very good.

At this celebration there were very memorable moments – the delivery of student cards, transcripts, senior students dedicated freshmen to the specialty and transferred the symbol of the specialty. Graduates of the specialty “Land Management”, the curator of the group and the heads of the structural divisions of the college also delivered words of farewell. It was about the merits of the chosen profession, the traditions of the college. The main thing that was voiced in their words was that the first-year students who joined the student team had not to feel like strangers, but, on the contrary, had to became active members of the general process.
The holiday did not leave anyone indifferent, as the students themselves prepared the concert. I would like to say words of gratitude to everyone who was involved in organizing a mass cultural event, and I have no doubt that it is thanks to the joint work of students and teachers that the “dedicated to the specialty” penetrate the consciousness of their own significance, they understand that they are happy and hope for them.
The impressions of the students, teachers of the event were the warmest and joyful. We can say that this is a good start for a new adult life.
I would like to wish our freshmen good luck, may the “Land Management” fortune be favorable to them!

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