Comfortable hostel

Non-resident college students live in a 5-storey dormitory building with 300 seats. In a hostel comfortable conditions for residing were created. The building is connected to city engineering networks: cold, hot water supply, sewerage, heating. On each floor there are living rooms in which electric plates DARINA, ZANUSSI, INDESIT, microwave ovens DAEWOO, two-compartment refrigerators, freezers are installed. There is a room for washing in which the installed washing machine INDESIT, SAMSUNG, as well as tumble dryers, ironing boards, irons, TVs, a plate of Otau-TV, carpets in the halls. There is a room for self-preparation, showers.
In the hostel, the access mode is supported, security cameras are installed on each floor to ensure security and control.
Educational work in the dormitory of the college is built on the basis of the approved plan in accordance with the goals and objectives put forward for the year, as well as on the basis of regulatory and legal documents, the educational theme of the college. The main goal of educational work in the hostel is to provide the conditions for the formation, self-improvement and self-development of the student’s personality.
Educational work with students in the hostel is conducted in the following areas:
• Spiritual, moral and aesthetic education;
• labor education;
• sports-mass education;
• Legal education;
• civil-patriotic education;
• improvement of living conditions.
On the first floor of the hostel there is a disco hall for events. The disco hall hosts a choreographic circle and a circle of amateur performances, various contests and festive events.
The hostel cooperates with the Kostanay Regional Russian Drama Theater, the Regional Kazakh Theater named after Ilyas Omarov, the Regional Philharmonic Society, the regional museum of local lore, the Altynsarin Museum.
Monthly meetings are held for students, where the following issues are considered: the regime of the day, violation of the rules of living in a hostel, the sanitary condition of living rooms, observance of safety rules, safety of personal property, rights and duties of students.
Work is underway to prevent offenses. Monthly raids are conducted jointly with the district inspector.
Members of the Council of the hostel daily inspections of rooms to monitor their sanitary condition. Every Thursday, together with a medical worker, raids are carried out through the rooms. Based on the results of the checks, a “Screen of cleanliness” is posted on the stand every month.
A significant role in the educational work of the hostel is taken up by the organization of the work of the Council of the hostel, which provides a multifaceted assistance to the hostel educator. In total, the structure includes 15 people. The main directions in the work are organization and creation of a favorable microclimate among the residents, organization of leisure, evenings, competitions and other events for students. Every Tuesday there are Sessions of the Council of the hostel, during which current issues are discussed, problems and proposals on their solution are listened.
At the end of the year, a competition for the best room in the hostel is being held. Winners are encouraged by household appliances.
There is a medical center in the hostel where students can receive medical care. Medical services are organized in accordance with state license No. 12015229 of November 5, 2012, issued by the Health Department of the Akimat of Kostanay region.

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