FC Specialty Day

09.10.19 sports and mass event “specialty Day” was held for students of the specialty “Physical culture”.
The purpose of this event was to unite the team of students of the specialty “Physical culture”.
Tasks: formation of a positive attitude among students during training in the chosen specialty; within the framework of the program “rukhani Zhangyru” visit to sacred places of Kostanay region; realization of creative potential of students.
The event was decided to be held on the territory of the mausoleum named after Ybray Altynsarin, students reached the venue of the “specialty Day” by Nordic walking. The trip from the College to the mausoleum was organized and fun, the second and third year students told the freshmen all the delights of student life, everyone was surprised how quickly they reached the place and did not even notice fatigue. On the territory of the mausoleum, the 3rd year students prepared a material about The Museum.Altynsarina and told about the place where the mausoleum is located. After a brief excursion into history, the students went to tea. Having received an additional charge of energy, students took an active part in trainings on team building where both students and teachers were United in teams. Throughout the event, a friendly atmosphere was felt, I hope that in the future the students of the specialty “Physical culture” will be one friendly family.

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