Festival « Қош келдің Наурыз!»

For the purpose of spiritual and moral education and inculcation of respectful attitude to culture, traditions of the Kazakh people, as well as interest in the folk games of the Kazakh people, education of interethnic harmony and tolerance, the “Kosh Keldiy Nauryz!” Festival was organized at the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College.

Nauryz is one of the brightest and very ancient holidays. In college, the festival was held in the form of creative sites. In the preparation of the festival grounds, 2,3-courses and curators were involved. Trainees of 1 course visited sites and participated in proposed activities. The following types of sites were organized by the children: Kazakh national games, Kazakh national dances, Traditions and ceremonies of the Kazakh people, Applied creativity, Kazakh national instruments, National dishes, National folklore. All the sites were decorated in a national style, route sheets were developed for first-year students, in which an assessment was made for the activity of first-year students. After the end of the festival, the organizers summarized the scores and revealed the winner. The holiday was a breeze, freshmen attended all the sites with great interest, there were dances, games, and needlework. During the celebration of Nauryz, volunteers prepared a concert for women and children of the adaptation center. Songs and dances, rituals and national costumes: everything has become a colorful entourage of the holiday, and the smiles of children and their mothers are the best gift for students.

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