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0104000 Vocational training, specialization “Mechanization of agricultural production” (full-time, part-time) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months

Master of industrial training, mechanic mechanic of agricultural production mechanization. Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages. Working profession: tractor driver, driver of category B, C.

0104000 Professional training, specialization “Technology and organization of food production” (internally, in absentia) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months

The master of industrial training, the technologist-manager of public catering establishments. The graduate owns the skills of cooking technology, including national cuisines, is a good organizer of the production of public catering establishments; knows how to solve production problems and situations, owns the skills of strategy and tactics of management and management in public catering. Working profession: cook, confectioner, waiter-bartender.

0104000 Professional training, specialization “Technology of processing of livestock products” (in absentia) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months

The master of industrial training, the technologist-manager of meat and dairy production. The specialist knows the methods of processing raw materials and production of dairy and meat industry, organizes and maintains the technological process for processing milk and meat, calculates and records the consumption of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, maintains operational accounting and reporting.

0104000 Professional training, specialization “Welding production” (in absentia) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months.

Master of industrial training, mechanic of welding production. The specialist carries out production and technological, production and management operations for the production of welding work in agricultural production and in the construction industry enterprises.

Graduates of the specialty “Vocational training” receive 2 specialties that allow them to work as a master of industrial training in educational institutions and as a specialist in production.

013000 “Physical Culture and Sport” (internally, in absentia) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months

Teacher of physical culture and sports. A graduate can work as a physical education teacher; coach for sports in children’s and youth sports schools, a sports methodologist at enterprises, an organizer of sports and mass work in children’s and youth courtyards.

0501000 “Social Work” (internally) – Duration of training 1 year 10 months

Specialist in social work. A psychosocial specialist is an intermediary between a particular person who needs some kind of help or social services, his family, other specialists, institutions and government bodies. He combines in his work the functions of a coordinator of all social services needed by a child, an adult or the whole family. After graduating from college, the graduate can work as a social worker: in state and non-state social services, organizations and institutions of social protection of the population, education, health, the army, law enforcement agencies, in the system of execution of punishments.

1304000 “Computer equipment and software” (internally, in absentia) – Duration of training 2 years 10 months

Technician-programmer. Trainees are taught to broadcast and debug programs, manage data, test programs, apply tools and methods to protect the software product, implement and maintain software tools, model production and economic processes, and organize data protection.

Working profession “Computer operator”.

1511000 “Land management” (internally, in absentia) – Term of training 2 years 6 months

Technician. The specialty is based on the correct allocation and use of the state’s land resources. The trainee undergoes in-depth practical training at enterprises related to land relations.

For children from large families and low-income families and orphans, free meals are provided.

Rules for the reception of documents.

List of documents:

  • Document on education (original);
  • Medical certificate in the form 086-U with fluorescently attached and vaccination passport (for disabled 1-2 groups and disabled from childhood it is necessary to conclude the MCEC);
  • 4 photos in the size 3×4.

Documents proving the identity of the incoming are presented in person!

Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages.
Acceptance of documents from June 20 to August 20 (full-time) until September 20 (in absentia) tg.
The UNT certificate is not required.
Kostanay, Abay avenue, 35 tons. 87142-55-81-57, 55-81-55 (fax)
bus travel № 3,13,18 stop «Industrial College»
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