For student’s parents

Dear parents!

We draw your attention to the fact that:

  • mastery of the profession imposes a great responsibility not only on the leadership and teachers of the college, but especially on the students and their parents (legal representatives);
  • students of the college receive full knowledge of relevant disciplines;
  • attendance of college students is compulsory, the college administration strictly monitors the attendance of classes;
  • Control of knowledge of college students is carried out on the basis of mandatory intermediate qualifications;
  • During training in the college students undergo various types of practices;
  • students are awarded academic grants based on academic achievement;
  • During the period of training, young men who entered on the basis of basic general education are not subject to recruitment into the army;
  • At the end of the college students receive a state diploma of secondary vocational education;
  • After graduation, college graduates can continue their studies at higher education institutions of the relevant or other profile.

Schedule and schedule

Students 1, 2, 3 courses are trained on a six-day academic week (Monday to Saturday). Classes are held in pairs for a total of 90 minutes (45 minutes x 2).

The beginning of the first pair at 8 o’clock. 30 min. In some cases, according to the schedule, classes can begin with 2 pairs – at 10.15. Every day the student’s workload is 3 or 4 pairs.

Schedule can be found on the information stand in the college

Skipping classes

Visiting classes for all students is a must! In the case of missing classes due to illness, the student must produce a certificate from the doctor (and not from the parents!). No training is allowed without a good reason. We draw your attention that unlike the school, in college, every missed occupation should be fulfilled by the student! In the event of any emergency family situations requiring the admission of a lesson, you should personally notify the curator and provide the relevant document.

A gross violation of the academic discipline is the admission of a student without a good reason for a large number of hours, which can cause the student to leave the college! Leaving a large number of classes without good reason can lead to the fact that at the end of the semester your child will not have time to work through the missed topics, and, therefore, will not be admitted to the session, which leads to deduction.


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