From heart to heart

October 31, in the framework of regional events in the Palace of Pioneers of the city of Kostanay a concert was held under the name “Jurekten Jurekke”. This event was attended by our students of the Kostanay Industrial-Pedogogical College.

Namely, group SW-16 and SW-17 with the curator of group SW-17 Savenko E.I.

Participation in this event was hosted by vocal and dance groups. The age of participants was not limited. On stage were very tiny guys with different musical compositions. Songs were performed both in Russian and Kazakh languages. The hall was crowded. At the entrance there were volunteers and welcomed the guests. The atmosphere of the event was indescribable, it was bright and fun. The hall was beautifully decorated. Each performance was accompanied by light music. The concert went in two languages. The purpose of the event was achieved: we like students of the specialty “social work” made us think that anyone can give happiness and to do good.

The main thing is to have a desire and it does not matter what you are, because good is always fine.  In Conclusion, our students supported participants with a common flash mob.

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