Health Week

In Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College it became a tradition during winter vacations to conduct massively-planned activities for the staff of the college.And this year was no exception. “Week of Health” began with a master-class on the national Kazakh game Togyz-Kumalak, which Karina A.K. conducted. More than 30 employees of the college took part in the master class. On the second day, the staff competed in firing a pneumatic rifle and throwing darts. More than 90 employees of the college took part in the competitions. The best marksmen were:

Men Women 1. Duysekov A. 45 points 1. Sabanova B. 42 points 2. Fursanov V. 40 points 2. Karina A. 41 points 3. Goncharenko D. 37 points 3. Nabirkina T. 40 points In throwing darts the places were distributed as follows:           Men Women 1. Statsenko I. 45 points 1. Sabanova B. 43 points 2. Ermolenko V. 42 points 2. Karina A. 39 points 3. Klyshpayev M. 39 points 3. Kishkentayeva A. 30 points

On the third day, the officers tried their hand at the chessboard and in free throws with a basketball in the basket. For the chessboard among men there was no equal to Andirov B., Smagulov B. took the second place, and A. Baymogometov took the third place. Among the women, Kalimova K. took the first place, and the second place was taken by N. Tulegenova. In free throws among men Fursanov V. scored 10 out of 10 and became the winner, the second and third places went to A. Baumogametov-9 out of 10 and Moskvitin D.-6 out of 10. The women’s places were distributed as follows: Ermolenko V.- 8 out of 10, Kislitsa I.- 7 out of 10, and the third place was taken by two participants: Kukharenko O. and Shegenova B. 3 of 10.On Thursday, in the gym, fun starts were held, three teams of 10 people competed in speed, agility, ingenuity, solidarity and as always in such competitions the winner was Friendship. And the week ended with a ski trip, more than 20 people were not afraid of twenty degrees frost and got on skis, having received a lot of positive emotions and a charge of vivacity.

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