Healthy College

In Kostanay pedagogical industrial College hosted a week of “Healthy College” dedicated to the EXPO 2017. The goals and objectives of the week are associated with attracting boys and girls to systematic occupations by physical culture and sports. The competition was held on the sports ground of the College. On the first day competed first-year students. In competitions on mini-football among boys, the best are the guys of the group of FC-1-17, in beach volleyball the best are the girls of the group of FC-1-17, competing in street Bolu among girls the best were the students of FC-1-17, and among young men – students of the group ZU-17. Also, the boys competed in pull-UPS, where the best result was shown by the student group FC-2-17 Rudnev Anatoly, and the girls in push-in push-up position, the best result was shown by the student group SR-17 Bambaeva Diana. Well, the finale of the first day of the week were competitions in weightlifting among boys and girls, young men performed push two weights, the best result was shown by the student group FC-1-17 Arman Zhunussov and girls competed in the snatch of the kettlebell with one hand, where was the best student group FC-1-17 Varankina Anna.

The second day of the fight entered the teams offices, competitions on beach volleyball among girls, the best girl steel “Techno-pedagogical Department.” In competitions in street ball boys, the winners were also students of “Technical office”, and the girls – students of “Socio-technological” branch, in competitions on mini football out of the competition were the students of the “Technical Department” among boys and girls.

The third day was a competition of the fastest and most enduring in the race, the young men had to run 3 kilometers, and girls – 2 mile, the boys winner was a first-year student group FC-1-17 Volkov Valery, and the girls the winner of last year Maria Polnicka, student group FC-15.

The fourth day competed only boys in autobutton, it was necessary to show the excellent driving and shooting air rifles, was the best student group FC-15 Rahim Estaev.

The fourth day, young men and women tested their strength in the national game togyz kumalak and checkers, the checkers were the winners in boys kadyrbayev Babolat a student of MA-2K-16, girls Anastasia Ivashchenko group SR-17. In the national game togyz kumalak boys won Kesan Arman group USDA-2K-17, but the girls Berdibaeva Saul the group of TPP-1-17.

And in the final week of the competition on the strip. The participants had to overcome improvised swamp, crawl through “the mousetrap”, to be transported with the aid of a pendulum the terminal, walk a log, by cable car and carry out portability of the victim. The best were the students “Technical Department” and among boys and among girls.

The management of the competition was the responsibility of the instructor in physical culture Grineva, Y. I., laboratory assistant Alzhanova B. A and teachers Tulegenova N. A. Kozhevnikova A.V., Neverkino T. V., Karina K. A., Grineva G. C.

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