Learning Campus

Multimedia class rooms

The academic building is a three-storey building with a total area of ​​3082.5 m2. The building is connected to city engineering networks: cold, hot water supply, sewerage, heating.
Training rooms are equipped with modern equipment. To activate the educational and cognitive activities, there are 13 multimedia rooms for 300 seats, equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards.
The CNC lathe has been installed in the special discipline cabinet, which makes it possible to produce high-quality metal products characterized by high accuracy of geometric parameters and a CNC milling machine that produces components for assemblies and mechanisms used for processing blanks of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood. The laboratory of electrical engineering uses the Electrical Laboratory Xplorer GLX Lab Manual EM-8622, measures the resistance of grounding, winding, insulation, transient contacts, the “phase-zero” circuit, tests with increased voltage, and also tests electrical tools, devices, devices. In the office of technical equipment and repair of cars an electronic simulator for auto-diagnostics is installed, designed to study the malfunctions of individual components of the car system: ignition system, fuel pumps, starter, sensors and simulator. The electronic engine management system allows students to familiarize themselves with the main types of control systems and computer diagnostic techniques engine. In the office, according to the rules of the road, there are auto-training devices, which are necessary for the formation of the right skills of steering the steering wheel, pedals, gearbox and handbrake for future drivers. For the training of specialists in welding production a computer multifunctional simulator of a welder is installed, which allows to practice the skills of welding various materials. In the office of Tractors and cars, a mock-up of an electric injector gasoline engine in a section is installed. The cabinets of chemistry, geodesy, anatomy, cooking technology are equipped with laboratory sets for conducting laboratory and practical classes.
For physical education classes there is a sports hall with the area of ​​182 m2, in which there are: equipment for gymnastics and track and field athletics, Swedish walls, volleyball nets, basketball rings, various balls, skipping ropes, hoops, mats, ropes, three gyms, a ski base with an area of ​​100 pairs of skis. On the territory of the college there is a sports ground, which includes:
a volleyball court, a basketball court, a gymnastic sector, a mini football field with an artificial lawn, a 500 m long treadmill, a long jump pit, a beach volleyball court, and a grenade throwing sector.
The activities of the college are held in the assembly hall for 200 seats, which includes a multimedia podium and musical equipment for the presentation of presentations and speeches.
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the foundation, a museum was opened, in which historical materials are presented.
For informatization of training there are 4 computer rooms for 154 seats, in which there are 15 laptops, 30 monoblocks and 19 personal computers. Each training room and laboratory has a personal computer for the teacher. All computers are connected to a local network with Internet access.
On the first floor there is a library. All information space of the library is divided into two zones: a reading room with 40 seats, a subscription. The library is equipped with 15 computers connected to a local network with Internet access.

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