Welcome to the College!

KIPC is a successful start to the future for young people who want to build a career, getting not only knowledge, but also professional experience!
KIPK is  popular professions which are  demanded on the labor market and a unique chance to get a decent job!
KIPK is a bright impression and new friends, this is life in which there is a place for study,  hobbies  and work!
Here begins your path to success!

The mission of the college is satisfaction of the educational needs of a citizen in obtaining high-quality professional education on the basis of innovative approaches to the organization of the educational process in the conditions of a changing labor market.










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Material-technique base


Comfortable hostel


Canteen with the low prices

Learning Campus

Multimedia class rooms

Workshops and laboratories

Innovation equpments

Student’s opinions about us

  • I think our college is one of the best in Kazakhstan. It is here that the most talented students come. It is a great honor for me to study here.

    Ispayev H.
  • I am very glad that I entered and study in our college, for me, it is a haven of mind and soul. I come here with a smile and joy. Getting knowledge, now my future seems to me clear and attractive.

    Bisembay A.
  • The college helped me to open up, to look at myself from the outside, to understand what I really want in life and what I can.

    Kolyshkin V.
  • I dreamed of going to college. Every second graduate of my Timofeyev school in Auliekol district got into college and spoke a lot about him. My expectations were fully justified. I go to college as a holiday! Everything is interesting here: study, events, people.

    Bazarbaeva A.
  • To study in college is a great responsibility both for oneself and for the children. On the one hand, I get the knowledge that I need to be an expert, on the other hand, work in the asset so that the student’s years are interesting and memorable for a long time.

    Kompyshev B.
  • College is a whole world, in which there are many friends, interesting communication, activities. Here is an atmosphere of creativity and goodness!

    Ivanyuta E.
  • What a pity that the student years are flying by! If only a little bit more! Here I found many beautiful people, and how many interesting things, meetings, events! And practice at school? Feel yourself a teacher, is not it great ?! And the unique Golden Book of the best teachers and students, to which I had the honor to be brought! It’s all my favorite college!

    Amandykov E.
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