Meeting with Denis Kuzin, World Champion

March 9, 2018 in Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College a meeting with a graduate of the college, World Champion and participant of the three Olympic Games Denis Kuzin took place.The meeting was held in a friendly warm atmosphere. Students were interested in various issues, beginning with Denis’s personal life and finishing with his sports career. About his studies in college, Denis told me with a smile on his face, remembering interesting moments. So many questions were about the training process, about sports achievements.Who is the main fan? This question was caused by a smile on the face of our champion. Denis gladly told how his grandmother led him to the skates, how for three years she had led him by the arm to practice, controlled his attendance, and now he dedicates all his victories to her, strives to achieve more that would please her. “Nobody so sincerely will not root for you as your family, native people,” with such words, Denis finished his answer.Students were interested in the atmosphere that takes place at the Olympic Games. Of all the three Olympics, Denis especially singled out the Olympics in Sochi, saying that this Olympiad was really for athletes, the living conditions, the training process and the competitions themselves were adapted to the athletes, and at the last Olympiad, everything was done more for the media and the European audience.At the end of the meeting, Denis wished the students good health and advised them to study right now, because then time can be missed!

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