New Year for children with disabilities

New Year is always waiting for pleasant surprises and gifts. This holiday is waiting for adults and children, including “special”. These children are different from others, but they, like all children, need love, play and communication. Their life is not only training and special activities, it’s a game, a joy, without which there is no childhood. The volunteers of the “Rhythm” squad spend such a holiday for special children and their mothers every year, they try to remember it!   This year we were waited in the voluntary society of invalids of the city of Rudny, the children’s rehabilitation center “Amalia”, the Kostanay boarding house for children with developmental disabilities. As the year of the Dog comes, a whole family of Barboskins from the beloved cartoon came to visit the boys. Together with fairy-tale characters, children in bright New Year costumes took round dances around the tree, sang, danced, played games, had fun, prepared a surprise for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, who was nearly taken away by the evil Baba Yaga.Children with disabilities are talented in their talents: they sang, told poems, tried to stand out, they are insanely charming, kind and sincere. They were genuinely happy, taking part in the performance, the parents and educators were happy.

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