New Year’s ball of students

Ball! Ball! Ball! These words students of the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College are waiting for a year. Only on the eve of the new year is the ball of the best students of the college. The most solemn moment is the introduction of the best in the Golden Book of the college, which everyone dreams to get. This year, this honor was awarded to Huseynova Fytat and Bazarbaeva Aidana.Each ball is unusual, and this year it was special – in the style of a real Viennese ball. The magic sounds of a waltz, a quiet conversation during a polonaise, an unusual Pa de Gra, an incendiary quadrille, a hot tango are not all the dances that the children demonstrated and learned at the ball. And also there are quizzes, competitions, a lottery and a beautiful buffet with a chocolate fountain prepared by the graduates of the specialty “Vocational training” with specialization “Technology and organization of food production”.And what New Year’s ball without the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, the lighting of the Christmas tree and the magical brilliance of Bengal lights ?! The dance was conducted, read poetry about love, did selfie – in general it was a wonderful holiday. and every girl on it felt, at least a princess, because they were all in white ball dresses, and each one could manifest herself and become the queen of the ball. But the real queen was only one – Ivanyuta Elena, together with Ivan Doschanov they are recognized as the best couple of the evening.

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