New Year’s Ball!

Recently, according to the established tradition, the College will organize a Golden new Year’s ball, to which the best students are invited. Every year will be new and unique. This year, 90 students dressed in evening clothes arrived in the red way. The organizers of the meeting noted the beauty of buffet tables prepared by groups of TС-VT-1-17, TC-VT-2-17, MA-VT-16, called for a selfie near the wall of the press, the Christmas tree, and organized a competition for the best photo recognition on the network.

In addition, there were several “salons”: new tattoo, new year’s forecast, wishes to each other and teachers, the future of Tarot cards.

The Director of the College, B.Daumova, wished the students a New year, and his deputies D.Zhanarstanova, and K.Kalimova, the best students were awarded letters of thanks for their active participation in the life of the College.

Within 4 hours students took part in competitions and quizzes, danced children’s dances, listened to songs, thereby won new year’s gifts and relics. For children in our College girls of ensemble “Elmas”danced.

Honey ended with the ignition of Bengal lamps and the song ” Last hour of December.” Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019, and a year before the meeting…

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