Night at College

On December 7, from 20.00 to 7.30 on December 8, the event “Night at College” was held in Kostanay industrial and pedagogical College.

The event began in the Assembly hall of the College, with a meeting with the Deputy Director for educational work Mozheyko Alexander Vladimirovich, where he informed the students about safety, rules of conduct and acquainted students with the program of the evening.

Then the students were divided into 10 teams, the teams consisted of different groups of 1-2 courses, in order to rally the students, our counselors held games for acquaintance.

After the students went down to the gym, where were prepared for special fun tasks from physical education teachers Kozhevnikov A. V. and Baitursynov A. B.

The next stage was a night quest with various fun logical and physical tasks in different locations, which ended with a coffee break.

After the students had a little rest, it was announced about the next stage, this is a karaoke battle where the students remembered the songs of both the present and the past, at this point the guys rallied and began to sing along to each other’s songs all over the hall! there was an atmosphere of friendship in the Assembly hall!

Then there was an improvisation where the teams were given the opportunity to show themselves from the creative side were prepared various scenes, starting with KVN ending with soulful songs!

Then there were games trainings, and of course there was a disco.

The final stage was the awarding of teams, as each station was evaluated the first place was taken by the team of “Золотые”, under the leadership of the counselor Yatsenko Marina 2nd year student!

The event was organized by the cult-meneger Kirichenko A. A., activists of The College Bineeva Sabina and Natalia Weisbrot.

The managers have been working on the development of this event for a long time, using a creative approach. Each station was individual in its own way, all tasks were performed strictly at the College building.

All the students left the College with a good mood and positive emotions!

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