Open Day

On January 10, an open day for school leavers was held at the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College. The college was visited by the graduates of the schools of Kostanay and Taranovsky districts. In the assembly hall of the school, students were introduced to the history of the college and demonstrated a video. A tour of the college was organized for the children. Teachers of the college in an accessible form told about the specialties purchased in college and the order of entering the college.

Guests had the opportunity to visit the sports hall, gym, library, computer classes, workshops, dining room, see hostel, sports ground, mobile center.

In the museum of the college they were told about the history of the college, about the available achievements, about the graduates, about the specialties.  In workshops and laboratories they got to know more closely the specialty “Vocational training”, about which they were told by the masters of industrial training. And in the school canteen the children were treated to tea with fresh baked goods, prepared by masters of industrial training, teaching students of the specialty “Vocational training” with specialization “Technology and organization of food production”.

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