Overnight in the College

The second year in college, the asset “Night in College” is being collected. This year, he gathered 104 people.  In addition to the training of team building and development of communication skills, the members of the city youth maslikhat and the civil alliance “GREEN” acquainted the students with the project management and gave the opportunity to show initiative and creativity. The projects “Student’s Coach-cent”, “Information Agency”, “Summer experimental ground”, “Green alley” were born. All of them are realizable, only a group of interested children and support from the administration of the college are needed, although this is not a problem. We were lucky: we have a creative director, Zhurkabayev Marat Kenzhebekovich, who is creative and open to students and ready to support any of our initiatives. By the way, he was the initiator of the first charges of the type of “night in college”.The quests were interesting for the guys, where it was necessary to find the codes in the dark and open the locked door, dance and sports game “Startedinger” and absolutely unexpected super master class in ballroom dancing, which was brilliantly performed by Andrey Nuzhny, a judge of the international category, whose name was long in our city, ballroom dancing competitions are associated. It was not just beautiful, when 100 people were spinning at the same time, it was also preparation for the brightest event of the year – the Golden Ball of the best students of the college, which we have in front.At the end of the program, the creative groups that formed during the training sessions presented themselves, their talents and understanding of why we generally started such a large-scale meeting.

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