Personally-command championship of college on table tennis.

The first day of competitions was passed by the command meeting. Youths took part 12 commands, girls are 6 commands. In TCS of place distributed as follows,  among youths the first place was gained by a group ФК- 15, second ФК- 2-17, third ЗУ- 16. Among girls there is the first place of ФК- 16, second place of СР-17и third ФК- 2-17.

12 youths and 4 девушеки took part in the personal competitions. Among girls sure victory was won  a by a sportswoman  Волынец Марьям group  ФК- 2-17, beating  Кодряну Nina from a group ТПП ПО-15, taking the second place and Какенова of Маржан group ФК- 15,  taking the third place.

More persistent and tense fight developed in competitions among  youths. Here  prize places were distributed as follows: the first place  Volkov Valery  from a group  ФК- 1-17, the second place is  Ердаулет Muhammad Али from a group ТПП ПО-1-17, third place of Исимбеков Азамат from a group ЗУ- 16.

Under the direction of main judge Кариной А.К

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