Social-Pedagogical Disciplines CEC

In Kostanay industrial-pedagogical college, from 03.12 2018, the week of the Social-Pedagogical Disciplines CEC is held.
The methodical theme of the social-pedagogical discipline of the social-pedagogical center: “The use of modern educational technologies as a means of improving the educational process, increasing motivation for the subject and quality of education.”
Objective: “Increasing the motivation of students in the implementation of educational programs.”
Based on the purpose of the CEC, the teachers held a number of events:
“Philosophical Tournament” – Lokkachenko I.V.
“Master class with teachers attending the circle of the English language” – V. Zharkova
Training “Art therapy” – Мұратұызы З
Open lesson on the subject: “Fundamentals of Law” – V. Ermolenko
Open lesson on the subject: “The organization and methods of educational work” – A. Akhanova
All events were held at a high level. It was felt the responsible attitude of teachers to the organization and conduct of activities.

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