Spring, March 8!

This wonderful holiday the guys from the hostel of the industrial and pedagogical college prepared a concert program. The assembly hall of the hostel on March 2 was filled with cheerful laughter and joyful smiles of the girls of our college.The whole concert program was prepared by the hostel guys. There were many poems and songs. They lit the audience with their songs Mukhtar Arman “Umtypa umytpasyundy”. Baibusynov Alisher “Assalaumugaleikum”, “Shyn gashiktar kosylmaydy” Askarbekuly Islam “Ana tourals fat”. The concert program was started by Sinichkin Vasily with the song “Oh my God, how beautiful you are!”. Leading programs, Baykursunov Aibek, Isimbaev Azamat, were very good and were able to maintain a good mood in the hall.The audience liked the rock-n-roll dance performed by Sabitov Zhanserik, Isimbaev Azamat and Zhumzhanova Adil. Spring comes and it is very remarkable that the first spring holiday is dedicated to mothers, the present and the future. During the breaks between the performances, the atmosphere of the holiday was supported by Ivan Doschanov, who played a comic play of questions and answers, and caused a merry laugh in the hall. Lyapin Constantine surprised the girls with her photo exhibition, shown on a large plasma screen, where the girls were captured in their student life. The atmosphere of the holiday reigned in the hall, and this atmosphere encouraged the present guys to congratulate them. The girls really liked this impromptu. The girls were very touched by the flowers they had presented, which the children had prepared with their own hands from the available material, putting their love for the girls there. The concert ended with moving games and a disco.The concert was a success and as one of the spectators said: “Today we felt like princesses!”.

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