Instruction to the teacher

  1. Most of the training is done by the students themselves. The teacher is needed to make sure that they are going in the right direction.
  2. Be friendly, speak a little slower than usual, repeat important moments and leave quiet pauses so that students can understand.
  3. Be honest with your students about expectations and rules from the very beginning.
  4. Identify that the cabinet is your place, not theirs. They must sit facing the teacher, write notes and respect their colleagues.
  5. Your image of the teacher can change everything. Students see right through you.
  6. Do not let students think that they are experts in the subject they are studying. Teach them to respect the skills, education and credibility of teachers.
  7. Do not call this “teaching”. Call it “help in learning”.


foldПоложение о тематической неделе  fold
foldПоложение о посещении уроков  fold
foldПоложение о педконсилиуме  fold
foldПоложение о дежурном преподавателе  fold
foldПоложение о MO кураторов  fold
foldПамятка куратора  fold
foldКонцепция ТУГАН ЖЕР  fold
foldПоложение о рейтенговой оценке  fold
foldПоложение о рабочей программе  fold
foldПоложение о ПЦК  fold
foldПоложение о внутриколледжном контроле  fold
foldПоложение о ктп  fold
foldПоложение Лучшее ПЦК  fold
foldМетодические рекомендации по проектной деятельности  fold
foldМетодические рекомендации планирования урока  fold
foldКритерии оценки  fold
foldТактический план колледжа  fold
foldСтратегический план колледжа  fold
foldПрограмма Рухани жангыру  fold
foldМодель выпускника колледжа   fold
foldПротокол Попечительского Совета №2 от 21.06.2018 fold

 Штатное расписание 2019 fold

 Тарификация 2019 fold

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