The mobile training center

The mobile training center of the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College continues the course preparation under the program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 in the Uzunkol district. The training was attended by 40 participants from Dzhangeldinsky, Amangeldinsky, Kostanay districts. In November, another 40 people will receive evidence. Auliekol District is ahead. For the first half of 2017, 110 cadets will receive certificates.Thanks to the program “Development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship”, the rules for the organization of training of personnel with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training, a mobile complex of two modules was created on the basis of the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College.The module of the training kitchen has all the necessary modern equipment. In the laboratory there are lessons of industrial training in such professions as “cook”, “confectioner”, “baker”.The second module is a training and production workshop for training specialists in working professions: a tractor driver, a welder. Here there is a training welding machine, a tractor, a combine harvester.At the same time, five people can be trained in the laboratory.Technical characteristics of the training center allow to conduct classes all year round. Only for four months in 2017 the complex will receive 110 people, each of whom, after passing the qualification examination, will receive a certificate of vocational training giving the right to work.The first to see the benefits of mobile training residents of Dzhangeldinsky district, the baton was picked up by Amangeldinsky, Kostanai, Uzunkolsky and Auliekol districts – ahead of all other areas of the region, because the training program is designed for 2017-2021.The name “Mobile Training Center” confirms that it is sufficiently mobile in terms of movement, and also: the modules are not tied to each other, it is possible to separately train the training of specialists in two regions simultaneously.Convenient and profitable for everyone. On the one hand, the inhabitants of the region can get a working profession near the house; on the other hand, the state receives well-trained workers in a short time, and on the third hand, teachers and masters of industrial training have the opportunity to learn new technologies and pass on their rich experience to future specialists.


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