The official line

On the eve of the Knowledge Day, our country celebrated Constitution Day of Kazakhstan, Kostanay pedagogical industrial College held a solemn line, devoted to the Constitution Day and knowledge Day. The Assembly was held in the sports ground of the College was raised the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students and teachers sang the national Anthem of Kazakhstan.

Stylized incendiary Kazakh dance, song in the national language have met the College of their freshmen. Was presented the master of inservice training, Tutors of the groups.

With the beginning of the school year students and teachers were congratulated by the Director of the College Zhurkabaev M. K., addressing the students, he outlined the priorities facing the students teachers. About the goals in the program “Tugan jer”, about the glorious traditions of the College and noted that College graduates are in demand on the labour market.

Congratulations and parting words have sounded in speech of the Deputy Director of College on UR Anastasiou D. B.

The Anthem of the College, “the College years”.

Then the curators have spent the lessons of knowledge on the topic “Discussion of the President’s article N..Nazarbayev “looking to the future: the modernization of public consciousness” with the viewing of the video “Bolashak Badar”. Was reviewed and discussed target indicators of the program “Tugan Zher” Studied the main objective of the Program “Tugan Zher” – education of Kazakhstani sense of true patriotism, which is expressed in love, pride and devotion to your village, town, region, its history, culture, traditions and way of life, moral duty.

The program “Tugan Zher” (hereinafter – Programme) consists of four Subprogrammes, each of which is aimed at achieving this goal:

“Tarbie Zhane Bilim” –education of comprehensively developed personality in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism;
“Atameken” – the strengthening of Kazakhstani civic engagement and sense of responsibility for the fate of the homeland;
“Rouhani Kazyna” – a revival of interest and respect for the traditions, history and culture of his native land;
“Apart tolani” – informing the public about the implementation of Programs, creation of information infrastructure for citizens to participate in public monitoring of the projects.
The period of implementation of the first phase Programme 2017-2022.

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