Victory Day

In Kostanai Industrial and Pedagogical College these days there are many events dedicated to the celebration of the Great Victory Day. Each of them, large or small, finds its response in the hearts of those who during the war years brought the Victory Day closer, those of whom social networks and news speak. One such event was the congratulation of the veterans and also the workers of the rear on behalf of the students. May 6, we students of the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College with the chairman of the trade union organization DuisecovAbaiKhasenovich on behalf of the college came to congratulate the veteran of the Second World War – Maria Feodorovna on the eve of the Victory Day holiday.

The meeting with Maria Feodorovna was cognitive. She told many interesting facts and stories about those times. Despite the experience Maria Feodorovna is a very cheerful person. It seems to me that you need to visit and help them more often, and not just during the holidays. Every year, veterans are less and less. We must appreciate and respect those people, through whom we live in peace and tranquility. With a holiday you dear veterans! Thank you very much for your great feat! Your exploit and the memory of those who died defending our Motherland, will never be erased in the memory of generations of people. Happiness, health, long life to you dear veterans and low bow.

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