“We here sprouted roots”

On February 27, 2017, in the literature sector on art in the regional library for children and young people on art IbraiAltynsarin, a creative meeting was held on the topic “We here sprouted roots”, timed to the Day of Gratitude under the “RuhaniZhangyrou” program.
The guests of the meeting were an artist, sculptor Nikolai Goncharov and actress of the Kostanay Russian Drama Theater Lyubov Ivanovna Romanida. Students of the KIPC of ZU-16 and SV-16 were also invited. If we look at the latest program documents on the rebirth of interest and respect for the history of the country, there is one significant point in them, namely the saying “From the small country begins love for a big country”. Member of the Khujniki Allies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the “Kazyna” Prize of the Kostanay Club of Meeenates, master of the Deca – tively – Applied Art N.V. Goncharov. The author of the exhibition, a participant of many international, republican,
obolistic and city exhibitions, is well known to the Kostanay people. Nikolai Vasilyevich acquainted the children with their original works on painting, stone and metal.
Also actress L.I. Romadina told about life and work in the theater. She also presented archive photos of the Kostanay Russian Drama Theater.
She told about her work and caused the desire of students to go to the theater more often.

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