November 12-13, 2018 passed the final form of the VII regional Olympiad among colleges. In the weightlifting competition six young men took part in various weight categories and two girls. In the weight category 58 kg 1 place was taken by the student gr. FC-1-17 Alex Ivan. In the category of 63 kg Zalatuha Vladimir, gr. FC-1-17 took 2nd place. Zhunusov Arman, c. FC-1-17, 3rd place in the weight category of 68 kg. Shaylanov Talgat from gr. The Ministry of Agriculture PO-2k-17 showed the fourth result in the category of 73 kg. In the weight category over 78 kg there were two participants: Bari Wojciechowski, c. FC-2-17, took 3rd place and Ivan Voronin, c. Chamber of Commerce and Industry PO-1-17, ranked 4th. Team 2 place among boys.

The girls took part Savkina Tatiana, gr. FC-16 – 3 place and Suleimanova Nadezhda, c. FC-18, 5th place. The points scored allowed the girls to take the 4th team place.

All winners were awarded medals and certificates of the Regional Center for Physical Culture and Sports.

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