Why we?

Kostanay Industrial-Pedagogical College is the oldest educational institution that celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.
This is the age of accumulated experience and rich history, which is part of the history of our region, our state. We grew up and were married together, while always remaining young.
Kostanai industrial-pedagogical is the thousands of professional professionals in demand on the labor market
working in educational institutions, at the enterprises of the region.
Kostanai industrial and pedagogical is an able and talented youth. For students, the college has become a real second home in which it is cozy and, most importantly, interesting, because you can do your favorite thing, realize your creative abilities in public associations, volunteer and pedagogical units, clubs of KVN and Debate, participate in the implementation of Republic and regional projects.
Kostanai industrial and pedagogical is the sporting pride of the region. We do not know the defeats in the track and field athletics relay for the prize of the newspaper “Kostanai News”, among our graduates world champions, participants of the Olympic Games, 80% attend sports clubs and sections.
Kostanai industrial-pedagogical is the best teachers and masters of industrial training. 100% of whom graduated from their native college
Kostanai industrial-pedagogical is professionalism, it is not possible without a good base, we have training fields, auto-polygon, machine yard with new equipment, mobile laboratory, training dining room
There is no manna of heaven, but there is everything: thorns and roses, joy and tears, thunder and lightning, the sweetness of victories and the bitterness of defeats … But we came to fulfill the noble task of forming the hope of our society for a new MAN, CITIZEN, PROFESSIONAL

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