“Winter fun»

On January 23, 2019, the annual winter fun competition dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan was held. The competition was attended by students of groups of PhTandS first, second course and a group of TPL-18. The organizer of the competition was the instructor of physical education Grinev Y.

Groups were divided into teams: “Avengers”, “Teletubbies”and ” Snowmen”. The competition was held at 9 stations: 

1 give me a Ride on Bugati

2 Scooter

3 Pull-push

4 Marksman

5 Friendship

6 the Ball on a shovel

7 Hockey

8 running in bags

9 Centipede 

The program was quite intense, where each team tested their strength and capabilities in orienteering.

From the very beginning, the participants were determined to fight hard and showed it in full during the passage of the stations “Winter fun”. Sports enthusiasm and desire to achieve victory for his team captured the participants so that they did not notice what was happening around. Everyone tried their best to reach the finish line first.

At the end of the event won a good and fair FRIENDSHIP. And all participants were awarded with sweet gifts.

But this “Winter fun” is not over. After all competitions held a friendly football match between the national team of PhTandS and the College team. According to the results of the match won the team of the College with the score 5:2.

Competitions became a holiday of sports, health and youth!

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