Workshops and laboratories

Innovation equpments

For successful implementation of educational activities in the college there are
6 workshops:
– Locksmith,
– Joinery,
– Welding,
– Turning,
– Forging,

– On the repair of equipment
8 laboratories:
– Chemistry,
– Electrical engineering,
– Milk technology,
– Informatics,
– The fundamentals of object-oriented programming,
– Technology of cooking,
– On the arrangement of tractors and cars,
– Sewing
Workshops and laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, machines, simulators. In the locksmith’s shop for working out the practical skills of students, there are machine tools: grinding, two drilling, woodworking. In the blacksmith’s shop: a mechanical hammer, press and grinding machines. In the carpenter’s workshop there are machines: woodworking, drilling, milling, planing, C-6, KSM. The welding workshop is equipped with ten multifunctional welding machines. In lathe – machine tools: 4 lathes, milling, mechanical saw, planing, grinding, drilling table, drilling vertical. The machine repair workshop is equipped with an electrohydraulic platform rack-mount lift, a wheel balancer, a stand for mounting and dismounting the wheels.
In the college there is a fleet of vehicles: two cars VAZ-2107, VAZ-21091, two cargo GAZ-53, combine harvesters YENISEI, ESIL, NIWA, DON-1500, wheeled tractor MTZ-82 – 2 units, K-700A-4 units, T-150, crawler tractor DT-75M, welding unit on the basis of the T-40 chassis and the whole set of necessary agricultural tools.
For practical lessons on driving cars there is a training auto-polygon, with an area of ​​0.5 hectares, which is represented by figures: a dimensional tunnel, snakes, garages, a hill, eight, a pedestrian crossing.
The practical skills of working on agricultural machinery are developed on the training fields of 1237 hectares.

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