Youth against corruption!

The subject of corruption is more relevant today than ever. Life itself immerses students in the negative problems, shows that any citizen of society can be involved in it.
The teachers and students of colleges have the goal to expand the students’ outlook, form their own worldview on the problems of modern society, promote the establishment of a stable position on preventing corruption in the country and foster responsibility for their own actions and actions, consciousness and social activity of the younger generation.
To realize this goal, various events are held in our college every year.
From 05 to 07 December 2018, the college hosted events dedicated to the International Day against Corruption.
For college students there were events such as: “Dispute”, on the theme “Caution session”, they tried to uncover ways and means of fighting corruption.
Also for college students themed events were held:
Flashmob – “Zhemkorlyққa Karsymyz!”;
Thematic bookshelf “We are against corruption”;
Questionnaire on the topic “Youth against corruption.”

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